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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing activities are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing,  influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, optical disks and games, and any other form of digital media.

Course Objective:

� Unique learning experience, taught by world class digital marketing professionals.
� Course prepares you all the latest industry insights, knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns.
� Our online Digital marketing training course has been designed for 30+ guided learning hours.
� Gain real-life experience through projects on Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing and YouTube Marketing.

Course Structure:
Module 1 – An Introduction to Digital Marketing
- Introduction
- What is Digital / Online marketing?
- The benefits of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing
- Digital Marketing: A Rose by Any Other Name?
- Understanding marketing strategy
- Components of digital marketing
- Digital marketing strategy
- Exploring Digital Marketing
- The digital marketing landscape

Module 2 – Search Engine Optimization
- Overview
- Researching Your Customers
- Understanding Keywords in SEO
- Understanding onpage vs. offpage SEO
- Content Optimization: how search engines and people view webpages
- Content Optimization: Technical SEO
- Link Building Strategies
- Measuring SEO Effectiveness
- SEO for Ecommerce
- Implementing On – Page Optimization
- Local Search
- Mobile SEO
- Image Optimization

Module 3 – Social Media Marketing Basics
- Social Media Optimization & Marketing
- Social Media Strategy
- Integrating social media into websites and blogs
- Building an online Community
- Getting started with twitter
- Tweeting
- Building Your Presence on Twitter
- Twitter Next Steps
- Getting Started with Facebook
- Marketing on Facebook
- Building your Presence on Facebook
- Measuring your efforts
- Getting Started with Linkedin
- Linkedin for business and advertisement
- Pinterest for business
- Youtube for business

Module 4 – Email Marketing
- Email Marketing Basics
- Building an email List
- Designing an Effective Marketing Email
- Making your email content Valuable
- Creating Effective FROM addresses and Subject Line
- Combining Email with Social Media and Mobile Devices
- Mixing Your email campaign Results

Module 5 – Pay Per Click
- Understanding PPC Marketing
- Setting Up Accounts
- Setting Campaigns and Ad Group Structures
- Keyword Research
- Creating Ad Copy
- Knowing quality score
- Measuring Goals & bidding Options
- Evaluating Performance and Optimizing
- Integrating PPC with other discipline

Module 6 – Content Marketing
- Defining Content Marketing
- Foundations for content marketing
- Overseeing a content Marketing Plan
- Promoting Your content
- Content Marketing Tactics
- Content Marketing Budget & Measurement
- Defining Blogging for business
- Designing, developing and creating your blog content
- Promoting and measuring your blog

Module 7 – Mobile Marketing
- Understanding Mobile Marketing
- Establishing Your Mobile Foundation
- Mobilize Your Web Presence
- Launching an SMS Campaign
- Building Mobile Applications
- Managing Mobile Advertising and Commerce Initiatives
- Regulation, Resources, and the International Perspective

Module 8 – Web Analytics
- Introduction
- Intro: The Fear of Analytics
- Defining Analytics Terminology
- The Problem of Numbers
- Building Segments for Comparison
- Value: The Master Metric
- Everything Is Measurable
- Creating Valuable Reports

Module 9 – Conversion Optimization
- Introduction
- Understanding conversion Rate Optimization
- Understanding your Target Audience
- Prioritizing testing opportunities
- Creating Test Hypotheses
- Setting Up your test
- Analysing Results

Module 10 – Google Analytics
- Introduction
- Core Concept
- Branded Keywords and Multiple Accounts Management
- Navigation the Interface
- Using Reports
- Audience Reports
- Acquisition report
- Social report
- SEO Report
- Behaviour Report
- Tracking Events
- B2B Analysis
- Advanced Filters
- Google Analytics API & Updates
- Custom data Alerts
- Additional Features

Module 11 – Google Adwords
- Introduction Use the Pay per click section and before getting started and getting started with adwords
- Key words & Match Types – Researching Your Keywords
- Creating Advertisement
- Monitoring Advertisement
- Advanced Advertising Tracking
- Improving Account management
- Using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool
- Bidding & Bid Modifiers – Reviewing Bid adjustment
- AdWords Reports Using Actionalble report
- Using the Adwords Editor
- Optimizing Your Account – Key Optimization strategies

Module 12 – Lead Generation for Business
- Introduction:
- Set Business Goals
- Entice Prospects
- Convert Prospects to qualified Leads
- Transforms leads to customers
- Create a Positive Purchase Experience
- Exceed customer Expectations
- Create Loyal Advocates
- Measure and Optimize

Module 13 – You Tube Marketing
- Understanding YouTube as a Marketing and Advertising Platform
- Strategic Planning and Media Architecture
- Creating Content for YouTube Marketing
- Working with YouTube Channels
- Social Marketing with YouTube
- Integrating YouTube with WordPress
- Getting Started with Advertising on YouTube
- Monetizing Your Channel with the YouTube Partner Program
- Building an Audience
- Customizing Your YouTube Channel
- Advanced Video Optimization on YouTube
- Using YouTube Analytics


Indian Students: Rs. 15,900/-

International Students: US $ 500

Note: GST Applicable

List of Specialization:
(Select one out of the more than 100 Specialization Given)

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My MBA experience at ISMS changed my business outlook and structured my thinking process. The facilities, Study Material and Web Support contributions made the experience an invaluable learning process. The ISMS MBA provides the right managerial tools to identify the problems, analyze the situation and formulate the appropriate strategies to deliver the best customer value, yield higher than average stakeholder returns, and ensure employee satisfaction.

Jeegar Mistry, MBA
Project Manager
Oracle Finance Service

I thanks ISMS for doing wonderful job in availing distance learning to professionals like me, who really cannot spare time from their day to day busy schedule. Thanks for all your efforts and bringing crisp and knowledge packed curriculum for distance learning professionals.

Aman Shekhar, MBA
Key Accounts Manager
SRL Ranbaxy

I’m so happy to complete my MBA in Finance Management with ISMS. And thanks to every one of ISMS personnel to support in superior way. Quality of Course Materials was better than others. Support from ISMS was Outstanding Exam Pattern was better than best Support from Professors for Queries was Excellent I recommend new people to join ISMS without any hesitation for good prospect.

Rakesh Gupta, E-MBA
Chief Accountant

The most attractive part of this MBA is that it maintains a very high level of standard while keeping its flexibility. The 12 MBA modules are very well designed and catered for professionals like me. They helped me greatly in my daily management activities. Finance, Corporate Strategy, Leadership and People Management modules are among the best. I am extremely pleased with this MBA experience.

Ravindra Kulkarni
Senior Manager
Hewlett Pakard Development Hub

I find the MBA experience adds value to me as a person, as a manager of Information Technology and gives me an array of tools to improve strategic business communications and operations. The online method of learning means I can schedule my own class time, do the required exercises and access all the academic resources I need from almost anywhere at any time, something not otherwise possible for me. I can also stay in touch via online and email. The MBA course certainly meets my requirements for relevance to the business community and every unit completed provides a stronger base for my future and one step closer to completion of the qualification itself.

Ankit Shah
Manager: Technical Support

I have found the ISMS MBA to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The course content was relevant and the structure flexible. The MBA has delivered newfound confidence; friends from other industries and cultures; and a variety of knowledge, tools and experiences I can draw upon throughout my career.

Surender Singh
Welspun Projects
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